Laser welding technology

Laser light – concentrated energy that gets to the point.

Laser welding technology

Laser welding allows precision spot and seam welds with the smallest spot diameters and minimum heat-affected zones.

Our laser welding technologies at a glance

As a pioneer of industrial laser technology, the HAAS-LASER brand was a market leader in the watchmaking and precision engineering sectors from 1971 to 1992.

Laser welding as a joining process that offers both low heat input and high precision has therefore been used in our production for decades now.

Laser welding is a highly productive and at the same time fascinating process, suitable for the finest seams and components with very different shapes and geometries. Most laser welding requires no additional material to join components securely and permanently.

Laser welding
Laser welding

Industry applications


Medical technology

Building services engineering

Consumer goods

Electrical engineering

Precision engineering