Drawing and rolling

Even finer! Even smaller! That’s what we do!

Drawing and rolling

For high-precision applications with the smallest and finest dimensions, CARL HAAS uses special equipment for the rolling and drawing of round and flat wires in specific designs with tolerances in the range of ±0.0001mm (±0.1 micron).

Our systems for the rolling and drawing of round and flat wires allow the forming of large wire diameters into the smallest diameters and the forming of round wires into flat wires.

The systems draw the wires to reduce the round wire diameter and then roll them in the line to form the required final dimension – including bare and electroplated round wires. Our strength lies in meeting tolerances that are barely measurable.

Our services in the area of the rolling and drawing of round and flat wires at a glance


  • From coil or ring
  • Drawing dies made of synthetic and natural diamonds.
  • Dry drawing, or in a range of different emulsions and oils.

Round wire dimensions

  • From ø 0.01 ±0.0005 to 1.5 ±0.005 mm


  • Various rolling stands
  • High-precision rolling
  • Flat wire dimensions:
  • Strip thickness from 0.002 ±0.0001 to 0.05 ±0.0005 mm
  • Strip width from 0.01 ±0.001 to 0.5 ±0.005 mm

Materials for drawing and rolling

  • CuSn2 / CuSn4 / CuSn6 / CuSn8 / CuBe2 / CuAg – all also available gold or silver plated
  • Niro / Nivaflex / Nispan C / Nivacron / Nivarox / Duratherm / HERA 648
  • Argodur / AuNi80/20 / AgCu 925 / Au 99,99 / AuAgCu / PtNi 90/10 / PtIr 70/30 / fine silver