Plastic parts

Individual assemblies for specific requirements

Assemblies for connector applications and more

Whether you’re looking for connector applications such as bayonet connectors or spring-loaded contacting connectors, with us you will find customized assemblies for your specific requirements, manufactured automatically or by hand.

On our flexible production lines, your visions of individual assemblies become reality. We support you from the initial idea to high-volume production.

Our assemblies at a glance

  • Connector applications
  • Spring-loaded contacting connectors including soldered resistors
  • Fully-automatic automation cells for the manufacture of technical plastic parts with parallel stamped and bent inserts


  • Riveting
  • Welding
  • Hot stamping
  • Assembly

Materials used in our assemblies

  • All thermoplastics
  • Fiber-reinforced materials
  • Bondable strip surfaces
  • Alloy strips made of gold, silver, nickel, tin, zinc, copper, palladium


Product group: Assemblies for connector applications and more

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