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Special solutions made of wire and strip for the medical engineering sector

Special solutions

We manufacture precision structural elements made of wire and strip for the medical engineering sector, including for example stone extractor baskets, reinforcement spirals and ureter prostheses. 

All prototypes and small batches of our special solutions for the medical engineering sector are manufactured in accordance with your specific requirements. We use only rust-free steels in accordance with DIN and AISI and accepted implant materials.

Our special solutions made of wire and strip for the medical engineering sector at a glance

Stone extractor baskets

  • The innovative CARL HAAS range of stone extractor basket products is the ideal surgical option for the removal of kidney and bladder stones. CARL HAAS has developed a range of products with different numbers of wires and in various shapes.

Reinforcement spirals

  • The spirals are used for example for the reinforcement of tracheal tubes, to improve their dimensional stability.
  • Design: To customer specifications

Ureter prostheses

The first ureter prostheses were developed in the eighties. Since then, we have continuously developed this product to improve the following product properties:

  • With its narrow coils, tissue cannot grow into it, which means that the prosthesis can be easily removed again if necessary.
  • The trans-sphincter wire means that the patient retains natural continence.
  • A wide end reduces the risk of migration.
  • Large lumens ensure good urinary diversion.


  • To customer specifications

Other parts for the medical engineering sector

  • Annular springs
  • Compression, tension and contact springs
  • Spiral springs
  • Corrugated springs
  • Stamped parts
  • Stamped-bent parts
  • Bourdon tubes
  • Micro springs
  • Lid retractors
  • Plastic composite parts
  • Blood and allergy lancets
  • Stylets, mandrins
  • Threaded coils for cardiology

These special parts and many others can be manufactured to specific customer requirements.

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