Precision springs for measurement and control technology

Spiral coiled springs and deflection springs for flexible applications

Spiral coiled springs and deflection springs

Our many years of expertise in the production of high-quality spiral coiled springs and deflection springs provides you with the perfectly-fitting and flexible solution for your application. Coil by coil up to the top.

Our deflection springs at a glance

Do you need a measurement result, a movement, or power transmission around the corner or flexibly to a different location?

Our deflection springs, tailored to your specific requirements, can help.

  • Material: Copper alloys, spring steel
  • Processing of our deflection springs: Drawing and rolling, winding as an endless spring coil in specific pitches, bonded connectors, or laser welding
  • Packaging of our deflection springs: Pallets etc.
Deflection springs

Our spiral coiled springs at a glance

Do you need a temperature measurement via a sensor tube, possibly with a long shaft and a special base piece? Here too, we've got the right individual solutions for you with our spiral coiled springs.

  • Strip width: From 1 mm
  • Strip thickness: From 0.05 mm
  • Material: All bimetals available on the market
  • Strip processing: Rolling, cutting
  • Additional processing: Winding as a spiral coiled spring
  • Additional processing steps for our spiral coiled springs: Laser welding of base piece and axis
  • Packaging: Pallets etc.
  • Application of our spiral coiled springs: Temperature range from -40°C to 500°C
Spiral coiled springs


Product group: Spiral coiled springs and deflection springs

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