Experienced professionals and career entrants

Jobs for experienced professionals and career entrants

Experienced professionals and career entrants

As a career entrant, specialist or manager, you will find attractive opportunities at CARL HAAS to start or build an even more successful career.

Professionally experienced

You're looking for challenging and exciting work in a pleasant working environment? We can offer specialists and managers a wide range of career opportunities in a continually changing environment. As a precision engineering specialist in the processing of wire and strip and in plastic composites, we encourage new ideas and innovations among our employees. We're looking for people who are enthusiastic about our vision, our values and our performance-oriented corporate culture.

Career entrants

Finished with your training or studies? Now it's getting exciting, because we can offer you interesting responsibilities to start your working career, where you can contribute your own ideas right from the start. With introductory training specially tailored to your needs, we will prepare you well for your future at CARL HAAS.

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