Spring Technology

Wire or strip – it depends on what you do with it

Spring Technology

With the right materials and the very latest process technologies, we develop and manufacture high-performance and cost effective springs made of wire or strip for your application.
  • Use of CNC-controlled coiling machines with rotating windings pins for perfectly flattened spring ends
  • Diagonally wound springs also available (for annular springs)
  • Highly flexible
  • Reduced setup times
  • High precision
  • 100% inspection of the spring geometry also available
  • Spring body coiled around a mandrel
  • Coiled spiral springs
  • Automatic CNC winding machines
  • High precision
  • Extensive inspection to guarantee the agreed spring properties
  • Grinding of spring ends for compression springs
  • Fully automatic loading and unloading
  • Specific grinding technologies for grinding of the various metallic materials

Wire springs are typically manufactured from spring-tempered round wires and other profiles. The winding or coiling of the spring introduces high internal bending stresses that have a negative impact on the spring properties in terms of life cycles and usable spring forces. Most of these influences can be removed with a heat treatment process adapted to the material, at the same producing an increase in the initial strength and in the elastic yield strength in the spring material.

We ensure optimum spring properties with specific, validated heat treatments. We can provide a wide range of heat treatment systems.

With inert gas and vacuum annealing, surface discoloration or oxide layers on the surface of the springs can also be avoided.