Stamping and bending technology

Stamping and bending technology

We can take care of everything from the production of complex stamped-bent groups for plastic hybrid components without the use of lubricants, the manufacture of molded springs on Bihler machines and the production of assembly parts with bonding surfaces, including inline cleaning.

In the manufacture of plastic hybrid parts, we use fully-automatic reel-to-reel technology with stamping and bending cells, injection molding tools and measuring cells. We manufacture precision stamped-bent parts made of all stampable metal alloys on stamping and bending machines in high-volume production to customer specifications. We take on demanding bonding challenges, such as the welding of ferrous alloys with non-ferrous metals, as well as the choice of the right materials to ensure that downstream processes are reliable.

Sub-processes of stamping and bending technology

Stamping, bending, punching, welding, cleaning, assembly and customer-specific packaging (bulk goods, blister, reel, magazine)

Versions of stamping and bending technology

  • Stamping force 0.5-30 t
  • Material thickness from 0.05-1 mm
  • Slot and web width up to 0.1 mm
  • Radii up to 0.05 mm
  • Max strip width 100 mm
  • Max feed 150 mm


  • CuSn-, CuBe-, CuZn, CuFe alloys
  • Steel and spring steel
  • Assembly of plastic parts (inline)

Special features of stamping and bending technology

  • Resistance welding; thread molding and riveting
  • Integrated measurement and inspection processes
  • Inline microphase cleaning of stamped strips
  • Processing of coating metals for connections and contacting
  • Specialized in dry, grease-free stamping and bending processes
  • All common galvanic surfaces

Applications of stamping and bending technology

  • 1Connectors for automobiles and utility vehicles
  • 1Ignition coils, ABS applications
  • 1Parts with bondable surfaces
  • 1Micro leaf springs for crystal oscillator applications
Radial Biegewerkzeug für kleinste Blattfedern

Industry applications

Medical technology

Precision engineering


Electrical engineering